Cookies anyone?

Because who said you could ever have enough sweet stuff? This cake is pure indulgence. The perfect vegan birthday cake or just ideal for any celebration, our cookie dough layer cake is guaranteed to make a statement.

Chocolate sponge, with our freshly baked homemade cookies sitting between the layers. Filled and covered with cookie dough frosting. Then topped off with decorative piping and cookie dough balls.

Have this cake (and anything else) delivered right to your door if you live at a Greater Manchester address.


This cake comes in 3 size options

2 layer, 8 inch round (serves 18 large slices)

3 layer, 8 inch round (serves 28 large slices)

3 layer, 10 inch round (serves 36 large slices)

*serving amounts are just an estimate


Allergens: Due to the suppliers of our dark chocolate, this product may contain traces of milk

Due to our kitchen handling nuts and sesame seeds, we cannot guarantee the products that come out of our kitchen free of trace of these ingredients 


In accordance with the increased requirements for transparency when it comes to packaging and allergens by the Food Standards Agency, we are fully open about our ingredients and allergens. None of our bakes include any dairy, eggs or other animal product ingredients. However, guidelines state that if a supplier (like a supermarket) states a product 'may contain' allergens such as milk, it is a legal obligation for traders to reiterate the same information on their own packaging and products. If you see a 'may contain' notice or similar on our website, it is because the supplier of one or more ingredients for that product has stated so on their packaging. For more details please visit:


  • Your order is refundable up to 7 days before the agreed collection date. After then we cannot issue a refund.

    Because of the perishable nature of our items, our cakes are not returnable

  • Although we try to stick to the design shown in the image above, each cake is lovingly handmade and are different sizes/layers, so may not be exactly the same.


    For example, if you have asked for some wording on the top of your cake, we would have to change the design accordingly to make room.