Say hello to Fleur! A brand new edition to our pre-designed cake selection. 


The Fleur is a luxurious and elevated option, for people who want an elegant and beautiful centrepiece at their celebration.  Vegan or not, this cake makes a statement like no other.


This cake is also customisable in the form of our handmade, edible, isomalt number toppers. To make that special someone's birthday even more memorable. 


This cake comes in 2 size options

2 layer, 6 inch round (serves 8 large slices)

3 layer, 8 inch round (serves 20 large slices)

*serving amounts are just an estimate


This cake comes in any of our flavour options already available on the website.


Due to our kitchen handling nuts and sesame seeds, we cannot guarantee the products that come out of our kitchen free of trace of these ingredients 

In accordance with the increased requirements for transparency when it comes to packaging and allergens by the Food Standards Agency, we are fully open about our ingredients and allergens. None of our bakes include any dairy, eggs or other animal product ingredients. However, guidelines state that if a supplier (like a supermarket) states a product 'may contain' allergens such as milk, it is a legal obligation for traders to reiterate the same information on their own packaging and products. If you see a 'may contain' notice or similar on our website, it is because the supplier of one or more ingredients for that product has stated so on their packaging. For more details please visit: