Say hello to our wedding pack.


This is our way of allowing you to make the first step towards your dream wedding cake, and it's the way we want to get to know you.

In our process, we look to spark your imagination while drawing inspiration from the things that make you and your partner unique. Through our collaboration, we'll work together so that we can create the perfect wedding cake that is entirely indivdual to you.


Our wedding package includes:

  • A personal consultation call up to the length of 1 hour.
  • 1 x Cupcake flavour sample box. 
  • 1 x Bespoke wedding cake design.


Consultation Call

Where is your wedding? What is the theme? What inspires you? The design, the flowers, the colour scheme, we want to know it all. This call lasts up to 1 hour, and can be scheduled around your busy life. We will email you once you have made your order to organise a date and time. 


Flavour sample box

A box of 6 tempting cup cakes to help you decide which delicious flavour(s) you would like for your wedding cake
For your sample box, select 6 cupcakes of your flavour choice. For example, you could try a box including 1 x chocolate, 1 x salted caramel, 1 x lemon, 1 x victoria sponge, 1 x biscoff and 1 x coffee

If you're looking for more than one flavour of sponge, we charge £10 per each additional wedding flavour box (6 cupcakes each), which can be requested via email. 


Cake design

Your design includes one round of revisions, so we can tweak and fine-tune your ideas. The design also features a price breakdown that includes a quote for the cake and an additional quote for delivery and set up. 


Upon purchase of our wedding pack, we will be in touch to set up a consultation call. After discussing your ideal cake, we will begin the process of creating your bespoke wedding design.




    Due to our kitchen handling nuts and sesame seeds, we cannot guarantee the products that come out of our kitchen free of trace of these ingredients 


    In accordance with the increased requirements for transparency when it comes to packaging and allergens by the Food Standards Agency, we are fully open about our ingredients and allergens. None of our bakes include any dairy, eggs or other animal product ingredients. However, guidelines state that if a supplier (like a supermarket) states a product 'may contain' allergens such as milk, it is a legal obligation for traders to reiterate the same information on their own packaging and products. If you see a 'may contain' notice or similar on our website, it is because the supplier of one or more ingredients for that product has stated so on their packaging. For more details please visit: