Custom Vegan Cakes

Here's a chance to create the cake of your dreams! Get creative and combine your favourite flavours with an imaginative design—get creative and choose any colour, any flavour and any theme that you would like.


Personalized Celebrations

Order a celebratory cake for any occasion. Whether its a birthday, announcement or any other big life event, we cater to all sorts of festivities. 

Handcrafted and painted edible sugar models can also be added to really make your cake a piece of art.

Want something special? Get in touch!

If you are looking for a very special cake, please use the contact form.

Firstly, we will send you an email in response to your order. Then after the design of the cake is agreed upon, we will then send you a separate invoice over email. To avoid disappointment we ask that this invoice is paid within 24 hours of being sent out, so we can confirm the date you need in our schedule. 

Please remember that every one of our unique designs is special and are created between Leafy Creams and yourself. As each and every cake is different, pricing is individual to each cake.  Note that cakes or orders under £100 are collection only. We offer delivery and set up for wedding cakes and larger orders over £100, and the price of this may vary. 


Additional allergens (may contain trace amounts):

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